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Wrendale Designs Elvis the Owl

Wrendale Designs Elvis the Owl

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Inspired by ‘Round Owl’, the illustrated character by Hannah Dale, Elvis Owl is aristocratic, confident and wise.

Curl up with this cuddly plush character owl. Elvis features a soft grey tummy and wings. The patches around his eyes are a soft cream colour with his beady eyes in the middle. He has a little beak buried among his feathers and he is complete with the Wrendale logo stitched to one of his feet.

Elvis is made from high quality, soft and tactile fabrics to capture the likeness of an owl and each plush animal comes with a little tag with information about the character;

Elvis the little owl is currently in training to earn ‘wise owl’ status, one of the most prestigious of all woodland jobs. He takes this very seriously and can often be seen with this beak in a book, or dishing out advice to his fellow woodlanders, whether they asked for it or not, Elvis is very competitive and loves to unwind with a game of chess or a god crossword. He dabbles in a spot of poetry writing and collects celebrity autographs in his spare time.

Snuggle up anytime for a hug with this adorable soft toy owl. When he’s not being cuddled, he will sit up on a chair or your shelf thanks to the beans in his bottom. Elvis the Owl is an adorable companion for anyone, perfect to give as a gift for a friend or loved one at Christmas, a birthday or to show them you care.

Suitable for children 3+. Polyester/ Fibre Stuffing.

22cm tall 


Wrendale Designs are an award-winning UK publisher of greeting cards and giftware featuring the characterful watercolour artwork of artist Hannah Dale. Amongst a love of the outdoors (and the occasional cup of tea) we pride ourselves on producing high quality design-led products which feature added little touches to make them extra special.

The company has won many prestigious awards in recognition of their successes. Wrendale were awarded a Queens Award for export in 2019 for their excellence in international trade and Hannah was received at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the award. The success continues to soar overseas with customers falling in love with Hannah’s characterful designs.

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