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Megan Hess Tea Rose Black

Megan Hess Tea Rose Black

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Inspired by the drama of haute couture, a decadent black tea layered intricately with delicate rose petals.


Black tea (Camellia Sinensis), rose petals, flavour

Weight 75g

An exquisitely curated collection of elegant and sophisticated tea blends by Megan Hess in collaboration with Deitea. Megan is a highly acclaimed and world-renowned fashion illustrator and author. She is well known for her incredible style and inspiring artworks.
This collaboration is an inspiration of timeless craftsmanship, blended with the vision of the modern spirit. Each tea blend is carefully crafted using the finest tea leaves and botanicals from around the world.

An introductory to the collection is an ensemble of four black tea blends that personally resonate with Megan, each one is beautifully presented in a bespoke tea caddy designed by Megan and feature her unique illustrations.
We all have our own little rituals when making a cup of tea and some proclaim that a cup of tea can transport you. Immerse your senses as you discover this delightful tea collection and are transported to the world of Megan Hess. 
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