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Covelico Kids Movement Animal Dice

Covelico Kids Movement Animal Dice

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Want your kids to become active, have fun and build healthy habits? Then this animal-inspired big foam dice is for you. This high-quality, bright yellow jumbo dice is designed for kids from 3+ years of age and will provide heaps of entertainment.

What do you get? One big dice that is about 10 cm in size and very light and soft. This is perfect for smaller hands to grasp, hold and roll. This yellow dice has 11 cute animal silhouettes along with their matching names. Crab walks, dinosaur stomps, frog jumps, ant crawl, and duck waddle are just some of the fun movement options. There is also a “pick your own” – allowing kids to use their imaginations and giving an unlimited variety of animals to mimic. Scan the QR code (found on the label of the packaging) to be taken to a kid-friendly A4 colored-page full of ideas of ways to have lots of fun with the dice. All of the animals are also pictured on this online link, along with some inspiration for the "pick your own" animal. Active fun!

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 12 cm


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